The Benefits of a Hypoallergenic Mattress


A Hypoallergenic Mattress Here in San Diego

Although we spend 1/3rd of our lives in bed, a good night’s sleep is often the average American’s citizen most overlooked aspect of a healthy lifestyle. There are plenty of reasons for this, including the rise of technological devices that prolong nighttime fun and making work a bigger priority than good rest. There are also numerous other factors that contribute to poor quality sleep and generally limited sleeping hours, not the least of which are allergens. Mold, dust mites, bed bugs, and allergens can all build up and create more than a nuisance in your home. Each of these can put you at risk for a wide range of health problems. Plus, these health problems can often be perceived as having another root cause, and go unattended to.

Fortunately, there is a viable, time-tested solution, and for you San Diegans, it exists right in your backyard. Here at Scripps Natural we offer phenomenally comfortable mattresses that are also hypoallergenic. Come and get a good night’s rest and wake up feeling more refreshed than you ever have before. Our hypoallergenic models will effectively create an environment that is more favorable to allergies and overall health.

Organic Oceanside Mattresses

Those who have made the switch from a traditional mattress to a hypoallergenic one are quick to point out the immediate improvements. Gone are the mornings waking up with a stuffy nose, plagued with coughing, watery eyes, wheezing, and sneezing. They report a more restful sleep overall and find themselves better prepared to tackle the challenges of the day ahead.

Organic Mattresses in San Diego

So whether you are a newly christened allergy sufferer or you’ve been fighting allergies each spring for years upon years, consider the switch to an organic, hypoallergenic mattress. Your body will thank you.

Since 2001 we have been helping customers in San Diego, Temecula, and La Jolla get a better night’s sleep. We specialize in a purely comfortable mattress that is engineered without the use of harmful chemicals. To learn more about our mattresses and discover all of the useful accoutrements we have to offer, be sure to visit our website today and have a look around!

Sleep Better, Live Better, with Scripps Natural Mattress


The Beauty of an Organic Mattress

The amount and quality of sleep that we get on a nightly basis has a major influence on our lives. Whether you are looking to lose weight, maintain your shape, or be more efficient during the day – your sleep plays a major role. In fact, sleep is so important, that it is often the overlooked element of a person’s regimen in their effort to live a healthier lifestyle. Plus, there are so many distractions and reasons for people to not obtain optimal sleep quality, including work deadlines, restlessness, and our LCD screens. The least you can do is give yourself the best chances for a pleasant night’s rest, something we at Scripps Natural Mattress definitely know a thing or two about. Our organic mattresses have been helping customers sleep better and longer for the past two decades, and we have no intention of slowing down!

The Problems Caused by Poor Sleep

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a whopping 35% of Americans are sleep deprived. This is a huge problem, especially for those looking to slim down. Lack of sleep can not only reduce, but completely undo the benefits of dieting, according to research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Plus, making matters worse is your body itself producing extra insulin. Within four days of sleep deprivation, your body has a tougher time properly using insulin. Remarkably, University of Chicago researchers discovered that insulin sensitivity dropped by more than 30 percent. What does this mean? Well, when you become insulin resistant, fats (lips) circulate in your blood and pump more insulin. The result is fat in all the wrong places – in other words, exactly what you were attempting to prevent.

Increased Appetite

When you don’t sleep enough, your cortisol levels rise. This stress hormone is often associated with fat gain, and it activates reward centers in your brain that make you want more food! Plus, sleep deprivation also deprives you of the mental clarity needed to make complex choices, especially related to food.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep with Scripps Natural Mattress

Whether you feel the adverse effects of poor sleep or you simply want to give your diet the best chance for success, we at Scripps Natural Mattress can help. Since 2001 we have been helping customers in San Diego, Temecula, and La Jolla get a better night’s sleep. We specialize in a purely comfortable mattress that is engineered without the use of harmful chemicals. To learn more about our mattresses and discover all of the useful accoutrements we have to offer, be sure to visit our website today and have a look around!

Catch Some Zzz’s: How To Sleep Better and Combat Jet Lag

Chelsea sleeps

Beat Jet Lag with a Better Mattress

As we hit the midpoint of summer, many Americans are returning from their travels – both domestic and abroad – and are suffering the consequences of jet lag. According to a recent AAA survey, cited in this article (April 2016), more than one-third of Americans (35%) are planning to take a family vacation of 50 miles or more away from involving two or more immediate family members in the next 12 months. All of those miles traversed, coupled with changes in time zones results in exhaustion, irritability, and irregular sleep. So what’s the solution? In addition to the steps we’ve outlined in this blog, having a comfortable mattress to come home to is a huge plus. The mattresses we offer here at Scripps Natural feature unrivaled comfort to get you the sleep you need and get back on track.

Minimize Jet Lag While Traveling

For the duration of your journey there are some concrete steps you can take to diminish the effects of jet lag. We’ve focused on the most effective for this list:

  1. Hydrate – feeling fresh is hard to do when you’re in the middle of a 10-hour layover in some far-off land. Air travel is particularly punishing on our systems, as lack of humidity in the pressurized cabin driest out mucous membranes, making it harder for your system to flush out germs. Bring an empty bottle through security and fill it up as soon as you are through. Drink it before and during your flight, and be sure to ask the flight attendant to fill it often for you!
  2. Stay Awake Until Your Normal Bedtime – while it can be extremely tempting to hit the hay as soon as you land, resist! Sleeping right away will throw off your circadian rhythms even more and make it that much harder to adjust to your new location.
  3. Create a Cool, Dark Space for Sleep – close those hotel blinds, and dress in loose fitting, comfortable clothing to maximize your time in bed. The better sleep you get, the better you’ll feel the next day when you’re taking in the sights and sounds of your vacation spot!

A Better Night’s Sleep When you Return

So you’ve taken our advice and you took all the precautions to sleep well on your summer excursion. But now you’re home, and you find your decade-old mattress simply isn’t cutting it. Not to fear! Our natural mattresses are the perfect remedy, and will help cushion your aching body as you settle in for the night. Be sure to browse our website and discover all of the comfortable bedding pieces we have to offer that can help you sleep better and awake well rested. Happy Travels!

Keep it Simple: A Comfortable Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep


A Natural Mattress For Better Sleep

There are numerous ways in which Americans are striving to live healthier lives. From stricter diets, to rigorous workout routines, to better sleep habits. Much of the population has taken to their mobile phones in the form of apps to help them better track their progress and monitor their efforts. Apps that track caloric intake, steps walked, and the quality of sleep have only grown in popularity in recent years, and there appears to be no sign of them slowing down.

While an app that monitors your level of sleep quality is certainly a nice thing to have, it cannot replace the many benefits of sleeping on a proper mattress. The natural mattresses we offer here at Scripps Natural are designed to carefully cushion your aching muscles and give you a great night’s sleep. We’ve helped countless sleep deprived individuals to rest easier and wake up feeling more refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle the day.

The Long Term Investment of a Natural Mattress

On average, your mattress should be changed no fewer than once every 10 years. For those individuals that suffer from poor, subpar levels of sleep, and poor quality of sleep – the change could come sooner. In those instances, changing your mattress after 5-7 years is a smart choice. Changing your mattress as this frequency can greatly increase the number of hours you maintain deep sleep, and enhance the overall quality of sleep you obtain on a nightly basis.

Top Tier Natural Mattresses in San Diego

Whether you are looking for a new mattress to improve the quality of your sleep or you are tired of sleeping on mattresses made with toxic chemicals, you’ve come to the right place! We at Scripps Natural are happy to help you sleep better for a great price. Our mattresses are characterized by their affordability, comfort, and composition with natural materials. We have been in the mattress industry for 20 years, specializing in natural mattresses, top pads, and organic bedding designed to meet the needs of babies, kids, and adults. Visit our website or give us a call at 760-720-9111 to get started on your path to sleeping better!

Better Back Health, One Mattress at a Time

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Organic Mattress that Helps Back Health

There are so many aspects to living a healthy lifestyle. In the past decade so many Americans have put a large emphasis on their dieting and exercise, and many individuals have taken a look at mental health. But one aspect of living that too many people appear to overlook is their quality of sleep. A restless night can cause a whole host of health issues down the line, both benign and more serious. The wrong mattress can often be the culprit for a bad night in bed – either due to a lack of firmness, a lack of support, or simply a bad fit for a given body type. Additionally, poor mattresses are frequently the source of back pain, a pain which continues to be the most common in American citizens (27% of respondents of a National Institute of Health Statistics survey cited low back pain as the most common).

While alternate solutions for back pain do exist in the form of posture exercises, lower back exercises, and temporary relief in the form of medication – simply utilizing a better mattress can work wonders. Here at Scripps Natural, helping our customers get a better night’s sleep and improve their overall health is at the core of what we do best. Since our inception in 2001 we have helped numerous residents here in San Diego and elsewhere obtain a solid night’s rest. Our mattresses are made here in Southern California with organic, non-harmful materials sourced from Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

A Truly Comfortable Mattress

Whether you are sleeping on an expensive competitor’s brand, a dilapidated old mattress, or you are simply looking for a way to sleep better night after night – you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in creating a truly comfortable mattress, no matter what you prefer. Allow us to do what it takes to get you the restful night you desire. We can change the firmness and softness of the mattress to adjust to your liking. In the end, if you sleep better, we’ve done our job. Take a look around our website and discover all of the mattresses we have to offer, plus all of the other bed essentials that will make your slumber that much better.

All the Bed Accessories Necessary for a Good Night’s Rest


Mattresses, Pillows, and Organic Sheets

Most consumers can agree that the old adage “you get what you pay for” is true, at least most of the time. Cheaply made clothing will wear down and become damaged faster, less expensive cars will break down and have more maintenance issues, and even cheaper food will generally be higher in sodium, sugar, and other attributes that are ok in moderation. Bedding and mattresses are no different. These days, if you want a bed that is comfortable at a good price, it can be hard to find. Plus, so many beds are made with harmful chemicals and flame-retardants that have links to carcinogens. These are things no one wants, regardless of their financial situation.

Fortunately, a ready solution exists here at Scripps Natural. Not only do we offer luxuriously comfortable mattresses, we also carry some of the other great elements you need for a solid night’s rest. From our washable wool comforter, to our natural latex pillow (contoured or flat), to our collection of organic sheets – we have a healthy amount of bed essentials that give you the comfort you need without the use of harmful chemicals. Sleep peacefully, knowing that your skin is not exposed to any possible carcinogens or other damaging chemicals that other companies use in their materials. Each of our mattresses are handcrafter in Southern California using components from Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

The Right Materials to Keep you Safe and Healthy

Here at Scripps Natural, we have developed a formula for creating the perfect mattress for your needs. We can even adjust the mattress to firm it or soften it, depending on your preference. Inside each natural mattress is 100% all-natural talalay latex, individual pocketed coil springs, organic cotton and even organic wool. Each of these pieces are certified as chemically safe, and use absolutely zero fire retardant chemicals. Since 2001 we have been helping customers in San Diego, Temecula, and La Jolla get a better night’s sleep. We specialize in a purely comfortable mattress that is engineered without the use of harmful chemicals. To learn more about our mattresses and discover all of the useful accoutrements we have to offer, be sure to visit our website today and have a look around!

The Many Benefits of a Scripps Natural Mattress


The Organic Mattress of your Dreams

In an age where so many people spend time focusing on their nutrition and their workout regimen, one of the last things on people’s minds is the amount and quality of sleep they get. We do it every night – we stare at our phones, read articles on our laptops, and browse the internet on tablets before drifting to sleep. Frequently we are our own worst enemy as we strive for better health. More and more Americans are reporting fewer hours of sleep, and the quality of sleep they get is affecting other areas of life. At least one company is doing what they can to help American adults sleep better. That company is Scripps Natural, and we specialize in making great mattresses that make you never want to leave your bed. Based in San Diego, our mattresses are the cream of the crop for a number of reasons.

The Particulars of the Scripps Natural Mattress

So just what are the benefits of a Scripps Natural Mattress? Allow us to explain:

  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Breathable, never gets hot
  • Dust mite resistant
  • Anti-Microbial
  • 60-day comfort guarantee

As you can see from this small list of talking points, our mattresses are head and shoulders above the rest. A breathable mattress is a huge advantage, especially when living in beautiful sunny San Diego. In recent years the summers have been hotter than ever, so having a comfortable, temperature-friendly mattress is tantamount to a good night’s sleep. Above all else, a mattress that puts a premium on comfort is a mattress that will resonate with customers. We are so confident you will love the sleep you get with our mattress that we offer a 60-day comfort guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t 100% satisfied with your Scripps Natural Mattress after two months of use, we will exchange components to make the bed firmer or softer depending on what you desire.

A Mattress that is Good for your Health

We recognize that there are many options when it comes to finding the right mattress. It can be easy to settle on one that does not have all the bells and whistles of a Scripps Natural Mattress. But we encourage you to consider all of the wonderful benefits of our products. As a certified chemically safe product, you can rest assured (literally) that you are sleeping on a completely safe mattress. We’ve engineered these marvels of design to keep in mind all of the possible hiccups regarding health, and we are happy to offer a mattress that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations. To discover one of our natural beds that are beneficial for your back and overall health, visit us online today!